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Industrial Waste

Industrial Waste


The two main reasons why biogas technology is irretrievable for any organic processing industry from now! Survival on the planet is only possible if we start using the existing resources more efficiently, in particular industrial processing of biomass. Rising prices and shortage of resources make biogas technology inevitable. China’s fast growth can only continue in a “sustainable” way. This is also in accordance to the next 12th Five Year plan. Renewable energy is strongly supported by governmental funding and in the focus of NGO investors.

Modern waste energy recovery with biogas is the key to keeping up with the fast changing renewable energy market. Industrial biomass processing is catered for your individual needs and so are our biogas solutions.

Profitability Assessment:

The profitability assessment that we offered is based on your first hand data. We can predict how much biogas can be produced and what the general investment would be to the solution. Please fill out our project questionnaire for your profitability assessment. We can send you directly, or you can download it under “Contact” section.

On Site Assessment:

If the pre-assessed solution meets your profitability expectations, our professional team will undertake an onsite assessment with detailed gas tests of your particular waste. You will gain a realistic investment and technical solution that is based on your assessment report. The organic material composition is a key base to estimate the gas potential, for example, on COD load, substrate viscosity, and the possibility of adding different substrates (solid and liquid). Therefore firstly, our professional team will give you honest assessment based on your data and secondly, perform an onsite assessment. Treating your waste with our biogas solutions can be sustainable and highly profitable for SOEs or POEs. Biogas solutions can deliver substantial renewable energy from polluting waste to communities in China. Biogas converts the waste most efficiently, for example, a whole city´s public transport can be converted from diesel to renewable bio-methane (compressed cleaned Biogas).


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