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Profitability Assessment

Profitability Assessment


If you are unsure about whether a waste treatment plant is positive economically or a suitable solution for you, we will offer your first evaluation and an initial quotation of your investment for free. This will be based on a project questionnaire, which we can send you directly, or you can download it under “Questionnaire MSW” and “Questionnaire BSW” on the home page.


(do we have these two questionaires? Recheck the MSW one and update with all the solutions.


The assessment figures are conservative to assure the planning is realistic. We provide you the full picture of maintaining a sustainable waste treatment plant with all the costs involved, from input material mechanical sorting to the residue/digestate treatment. We will only build plants that can be set into an environmental circle and deliver profit for you. The second step would be an onsite evaluation that includes a discussion to assess specific requirements and acquire an accurate overview of your specific desired waste treatment plant.

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