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Shandong Yucheng Project

Shandong Yucheng Project

Construction 2018, Operation since: 2019

Project now is in Operation

Input material: 1000 m3/d cow manure and 60 t/d maize silage

We build 4 digesters and total volume is 18800 m3.

Biogas production: 8,760,000 Nm3/a

This is a very good example project of a low cost but effective digestion of straw and manure.  Cow manure is collected into the biogas plant by automatic scraper and back-flushing from the cowshed with solid digested residue bedding. This bedding made of digested dry manure saves the cost and avoids the adverse effect of sand on fermentation unit. The fertilizer intended to be used in a sustainable circle for the cow´s feedstock. But due to wrong policy it has to be treated in an expensive waste water plant. Killing the profitability of the whole project for our client. The biogas is utilized feeding 2MW/h into the electrical grid. We build four 4700m3 CSTR tanks, and use the submersible agitation and 40℃ mesophilic digestion technology.

Shandong Yucheng Project

Operation since: in Operation

Input material: Input material: 1000 m3/d cow manure and 60 t/d maize silage

Output: Biogas production: 8,760,000 Nm3/a