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Chongqing MSW Project:

Luoqi project covers an total construction area of 67,455m2, including SSO Waste Dry AD sub-project, Restaurant Waste Wet AD sub-project and Municipal Sludge synergy sub-project. . By 2020, the disposal facilities of SSO must reach 1,000t/d.


SSO: 2000 t/d

RSW:2100 t/d

Sludge:800 t/d

Client Chongqing Environment and Sanitation Group

Start-up 2018


Waste types Organic fraction of municipal solid waste

Digester type PF1800-2 steel digester

Biogas utilization Fuel for vehicles

Technical Data

Waste throughput up to 200 t/day

Biogas production 6,700,000 Nm3/a

The 1st Kompogas® System in China

Handling kitchen waste and fruit and vegetable waste from the main urban area in Chongqing City

The deliveries of SSO will first be sorted

HRT is 18-20 Days, then the digestate will be pumped into the following de-watering and composting systems

Important contribution to China’s COP21 targets

To reach new target of the Central Government: “by the end of 2020, 35% of MSW must be recycling utilized in 46 cities in China (excluded incineration)”



Chongqing MSW Project

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