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Kompogas Reference in Europe:

Since 1991, Kompogas has built more than 80 turnkey MSW plants in 11 countries.

Kompogas is the innovative supplier of fermentation technology in Europe.

For example, Kompogas plants run in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

The biggest plant of Kompogas is located in Qatar treating 275000t of Biomass per year.


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MT Energie Reference in Europe:

Since 1998, MT Energie has build 580 turnkey agriculture waste treatment plants for highly efficient dry fermentation.

MT Energie provides innovative agricultural waste solutions for efficient usage of biogas.

MT is the leading supplier of turn-key biogas plants in all sizes as biogas special components.


Hannover MBT Plant:

Land occupation: 22.5 mu

Mechanical Biological Treatment(MBT)

- RDF production


160.000tpa for residual waste.

Operated by local government.

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Biogas Plant Milchcenter Dorfheimat:

Technical Data

Start of operation: 2007

Capacity: 500KWel

Input material: 109m3 liquid manure + (1,600 dairy cows), approximately 5.5t litres manure + approximately 3t corn silage.

Milchcenter Dorfheimat eG provides home dairy cows, which of course create a large quantity of liquid manure each day. Approximately 109 m3 of liquid manure is fed into a biogas plant each day. This, in combination with approximately 5.5 tonnes of solid manure from 1,600 dairy cows and 3 tonnes of corn silage, is sufficient to produce enough biogas to run a 500KW CHP unit. The thermal heat produced by the CHP is then used to heat and to generate hot water for the dairy facilities, including social buildings.

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Gas Purification – BiRo GmbH:

Technical data

Start of operation: First quarter 2008

Capacity: 300m3/h purification from biogas to biomethane fed into the natural gas grid, corresponding to 600m3 of biogas or 1.2MWel

Input: Corn silage

Type: Two-step plant

Five farmers have joined together to operate a dray fermentation biogas plant using only 55 tonnes of corn silage per day. The biogas produced is then upgraded by washing CO2 out of the biogas to produce biomethane. The biomethane is fed into the gas grid of the local energy company. The 2.6 million m3 of biomethane produced each year is directly delivered and sold to households or used commercially by running CHPs where heat energy can be accessed. It is also possible to use the biomethane as a fuel for public transportation.

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