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Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt


Convey materials from waste bunker to waste treatment equipment


Conveyor belts

Our conveyor belt manufactured in Germany been improved from more than 50 years experience in the municipal solid-, organic-, plastic-waste transport through complex waste plants which recycle more than 25 different material from the waste stream. Every fraction from heavy (big stones) to and light (2D foils) have their specific requirement on a different conveyor belt, in order to reduce blockage and maintenance. The key to low operation cost and a stable material flow.

The importance of conveyor belts are often underestimated, as they are comparable inexpensive to other equipment.

Experience of operation specially in China taught us that many plants stop all the time because the conveying is not working well due to wrong engineering and too low quality of conveyor belts. Millions of investment is blocked by the lowest price equipment in the process.

We can offer from semi-automative production, with low labor cost competitive conveyor technology from its best. Ensuring your waste process is stable continuous working with high operation hours. The range size typ of belt depends on your engineering requirement. Talk to us!

Following some conveyor belt examples:

KF – Chain Conveyor

Our special heavy load chain belt conveyor, are best experience for the transport heavy load bulk material coming from MSW or OSW in the beginning of the waste treatment process.

The belt is robust connected with a transport chain for heavy loads.


MF Conveyor Through Belt

The trough belt conveyor is mainly used for medium-heavy sorting streams in recycling plants. Three section rolls are supporting the rolling belt,


GG Conveyor Sliding Belt

The sliding belt conveyor is particularly suitable for light and moderate heavy material sorting streams of recycling plants. It is designed for miscellaneous material streams and also has a reverse function. Individual designs allow applications as an accelerating conveyor upstream of NIR devices, as a sorting conveyor or as an articulated conveyor.


This conveyor is the best special developed to spread out mixed plastics for the optical sorting process. Accelerating the material towards the sorting line, allow high capacity and best sorting results. We are flexible to use either Titech or Steinert optical sorting technology.


BU Storage Conveyor System

This special smart automated system save space and solve the easy discharge of the different collected recycled materials on only one discharge channel. Each collection chamber has automated filling level indicator and an automatic door system to optimize the output stream of your plant.

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