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MSW I – Pretreatment to Incineration

MSW I – Pretreatment to Incineration



This solution can simply be added to improve an existing incineration plant with a lot of advantages to the total waste treatment process. Just separating out the low burnable waste parts which hold most unburnable water. Improving the incineration burning value to the specific oven maximum acceptable burning value has several economic and environmental advantages. Example from 1200 to 2200 Kcal/kg.  


Process Flow description:

1.From the existing waste bunker, the grab crane drops the waste into a special big size 300-400mm crusher. In order to prepare the waste well for the following sieving process. 

2.Our special IFE flat screen can sort out best results with complicated Chinese wet waste, to separate the light (high burnable) material, from the heavy (low burnable) mostly organic material.

3.The wet heavy parts can be processed in our special KOMPOGAS dry fermentation digester to produce biogas.  Or the waste can go directly to a biological drying to use the biological power to steam out the high water contend.

4.The captured biogas is stored and can be upgraded by our special EVONIK membrane technology (less 1% methane loss) to produce Chinese standard “Bio-CNG” which can replace fossil fuel CNG for public transport or replace all fossil fuel for waste collection.

5.The 95% degraded organic material out of the Dry digester will be dewatered into liquid and solids, using our special fine sieve and decanters. The separated or dried solids can now go back to the existing bunker in a separate compartment No. 7.

6.If there is no existing waste water plant and no space for a classical waste water treatment, the remaining water is filtered to discharge standard, or to high drinking standard by reverse osmosis technology. The separated sludge goes back to a separate bunker compartment.


Our process can most effective separate the wet (+50% water) waste parts and deliver back better burnable waste to the existing common grate incineration. As a result, higher efficient burning leads to a lot of positive effects:

1.Better electrical energy recovery per ton of waste for the incineration (from 290 to 550 kW/t) to the optimal maximum oven burning value. 

2.The organic waste (+55%) of MSW is recovered to Biogas (100-150m³/t) or bioenergy from composting is steaming our all the water.

3.The incinerator can increase its capacity by 47% by adding this MSW 1 separation circulation system from us.

4.Our solution can reduce 80% of the high amount of bottom ash (20kg/ton MSW).  Reducing landfill and environmental secondary pollution from waste incineration.

5.200% more renewable energy recovery from Chinese mixed city waste with this combination process, then only with waste incineration.

6.200% saving of fossil coal and greenhouse gases, lower risk of ground water pollution   

Example project in China:  (“Reference” Jin Jiang Project)  


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